Ross Libraries Receive Large Book Donation

The Ross School libraries received a very generous donation from Marilyn Abel, who passed away recently and left her collection of books from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the School. Having worked in marketing for the museum for many years, she had accrued a large variety of tomes during her career.

Marilyn was a lifelong book lover, and in addition to marketing, she worked in publishing in New York City. Eventually, she retired in East Hampton and learned about Ross School from her neighbor, whose children attended the school. Upon visiting a few years ago, Marilyn simply fell in love with its libraries and requested that her sister Anne Searer donate her collection of books to the School upon her passing.

“She realized [Ross] was a very special school and that children would use the books to keep the arts alive. I think that was her motivation,” said Anne.

Approximately 130 titles were donated in all, and they range from art and art history—Leonardo Da Vinci, cuneiform texts, the art of the samurai, and how to read Chinese paintings, for example—to pop art, such as a metal-plated book on superheroes. There are also books on fashion, including one on Coco Chanel, one of the most influential fashion designers of the 20th century. The books will be dispersed among the Senior Building Library, High School Library, Middle School Library, and art studios.

“The books are magnificent,” said librarian Dale Scott. “When I went to pick them up, I said, ‘I don’t even need to go through them; I’ll take them all!’ They’re in perfect condition.” Once Dale is finished pricing them and inserting bookplates, she will circulate them around campus.