Students Host International Food Festival

The High School Student Council hosted its first International Food Festival on May 5 outside the Ross Café. Boarding and day students prepared dishes that represented their country of origin and spent the evening sampling cuisines from around the world with their peers.

Food from Austria, Russia, China, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea covered the tables. There was even gumbo, a Cajun dish prepared by Visual Arts teacher Ned Smyth. Students dined on a smorgasbord of food including hand-rolled sushi, schnitzel, potato salad, seafood congee, Chinese rice with shrimp, and bulgogi, a Korean dish that consists of grilled, marinated beef. Desserts were also in abundance, from crepes and crème brulee, to chocolate chip cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Live music was provided by Cultural History teacher Ken Sacks, who played several songs on the African instrument Mbira DzaVadzimu, which consists of a wooden board to which staggered metal keys have been attached. “It was a wonderful event,” said English teacher Shelby Raebeck, who oversees the Student Council and helped organize the event.