Senior Project Presentations at Lower School

On April 5, Gabrielle Ment, Riko Kawahara, and Samuel Kramer presented their Senior Projects exploring the art of circus performance, the world of filmmaking, and the adventures of falconry, respectively, to the Pre-N to grade 5 students at Ross Lower School.

Everyone assembled in the Fieldhouse first for a performance by Gabrielle, whose graceful aerial hoop act with poses that included hanging by her feet, her hips, and one arm, was made comedic when she dressed in a “strong man” costume and “blundered” through her routine.

Afterward, everyone filed into the Barn Building and split into groups, rotating between the remaining Senior Projects. In the Multi-Purpose Room, students watched a special screening of Riko’s short animation, Tony and Bella’s Adventure, which teaches children the alphabet. Next door, in the Art Room, students carefully observed Atlas, the wild red-tailed hawk that Sam caught and trained to assist him in hunting.

Sharing their Senior Projects with the Lower School student body not only empowers Ross twelfth graders as educators but also inspires the younger lot with visions of what they have to look forward to in their coming years at Ross.