Senior Project: Raising Money for Haitian Youth

In celebration of Discovery Day, a national holiday in Haiti, senior Paola Chery held a fundraiser outside the Café for BonDemen Haiti, a Haitian youth organization, on December 5. She sold t-shirts as well as handmade bracelets, necklace-earrings, and purses that comprised two soda bottle bottoms with a zipper connecting them. The goods were crafted by children in BonDemen, and the money raised—$140 in total—will go directly back to them.

Born and raised in Haiti, Paola is the recipient of the Nicole Ross Scholarship, and she is spending her time at Ross trying to pay it forward as much as possible. “I like helping others. In Haiti, I never could participate in community service because it’s too dangerous,” she said, referring to the ongoing violence in the country. “I want to take advantage of the opportunity here while I have it.”