ESOL Students Present Sumerian Life and Modern Artifacts

The students in all levels of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) have been giving presentations showcasing what they have learned during the first trimester. In Prep 1 and 2, students have been studying life from the beginning of time to the Sumerian period of Mesopotamia. They offered a cuneiform performance, and presentations on art and artifacts, spiritual practices from that time, and a model of a ziggurat, believed to be a dwelling place for the gods. They also re-enacted an ancient wedding ceremony.

The advanced ESOL students in the Cultural Artifacts class presented art and artifacts that they believed best reflected the history and culture of this time. They were tasked with making the most compelling argument for including their artifact in a time capsule for posterity, answering the question, “what is worth preserving for the people of the future?” They presented art, videos, dance, objects, and paintings. Among the “artifacts” presented were the martial art of Kung Fu, considered an indelible part of Chinese culture; a map of the world; a laptop, and an album offering descriptions of every culture in the world.