New Archery Elective Offered at Ross

Archery has become increasingly more popular with youth throughout the country, so it seemed only right that Ross offer a class on this unique sport. With help from the National Archery in the Schools Program, which has safely introduced archery into thousands of U.S. schools, Ross students are learning the delicate art of using a bow and arrow.

There are currently 16 students in grades 9–12 enrolled in the new Wellness elective. “Archery has been a lot of fun,” said ninth grader Katie Morgan. “Once we got past hitting the target, we could start working on aim. We've been lengthening the distances we're shooting from, and soon we're planning on having a competition.”

“They really enjoy coming to class,” said instructor and School Naturalist Greg Drossel. “Many students show up early to help set up and a few stay after the class is over and ask if they can shoot during part of their lunch period.”

Practicing four days a week in the Court Theater gymnasium, students are learning about range set-up and safety; equipment placement; determining eye dominance; whistle signals; string bow training aid; form and shot execution; and 11 steps to archery success. Eventually, Greg noted, they will try to set up an archery club and even a competing team.

“It's really great to have an elective like archery as an option. It gives people a chance to try something they haven't done before,” said Katie. “A lot of the students who had never picked up a bow before are hitting the bull’s-eye every time.”