The Geometry of LongHouse

Dr. Danielle Goodwin’s geometry students visited the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton recently to get a firsthand look at the concepts of geometry present in the art, architecture, and natural surroundings there. Some of the geometrical concepts seen in the sculptures and architecture include transformations; plane shapes and geometric solids; perspective and the concept of a vanishing point; and fractal-inspired pieces. They also found frieze (strip) and rosette (round) patterns. In class, the students have created and classified rosettes, including mandalas. Rosette patterns are divided into two types—dihedral, which have a line of symmetry, and cyclic, which do not.

Dr. Goodwin’s students have been tasked with a yearlong project to create an artifact that shows a geometrical idea and submit it to the LongHouse Reserve’s Student Annual competition next June.