Field Trip Spotlights Early Human Survival

Lower School science support Stacy Myers united the fourth and fifth grade for a field trip to Sagg Main Beach on October 1. Inspired by their study of early Paleolithic times, the fourth graders set into hunter-gatherer mode upon arrival, collecting resources to build model shelters and fires. They used sticks, reeds, stones, logs, seaweed, and shells to carefully build their structures among the dunes. They also came up with creative ways to transport water—a hollowed crab shell proved quite effective.

Because the fifth grade curriculum focuses on how cultures evolved, moved, and adapted to water resources, the fifth graders were tasked with building makeshift irrigation systems along the edge of a pond. This activity allowed them to better understand how early communities manipulated water resources for survival. The students also created a community area for trade and bartered with each other for needed resources.