International Peace Day Celebration

Lower school students celebrated International Peace Day on September 21. For this important day, the fifth graders led an all-school assembly in the Multi-Purpose Room, beginning with a bilingual peace song, in Spanish and English, directed by music teacher Margaret Bodkin. After pre-nursery and nursery students returned to their classrooms, the fifth graders worked with students in grades Pre-K to 4 on an art project that explored what it means to be peaceful. Each grade focused on a sensory understanding of peace—what does it feel like to hear, smell, think, breathe, see, and move when it’s peaceful? Students wrote their thoughts on large posters with colored markers.

Following the assembly, the fifth graders arranged themselves around the school field, holding up the posters. Then, grade by grade, the remaining students quietly walked up to each poster and stood for a few moments in meaningful observation. After everyone had walked the “peace trail,” they gathered in a large circle around the posters, clasped hands, and yelled, “Happy International Peace Day!”

To commemorate this year’s celebration, fifth grade students will select key messages from each poster and rewrite them on stones to be placed throughout the School’s peace trail for all to enjoy.