Lower School Students, Start Your Engines

Ross Lower School opened its doors to new and returning families last week as the school year kicked off without a hitch. On September 4, new parents for students in kindergarten through grade 5 had an orientation in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR), where they met Jeanette Tyndall, the new Director of Ross Lower School, and learned about school procedures, such as where to pick up and drop off their children. They were also introduced to some members of the Ross community who will be of great assistance throughout the year, including LS Administrative Assistant Lori Holmes, LS Nurse Mary Nanos, LS Director of Curriculum and Development Junellen Tiska, and Interim Head of School Dr. Gregg Maloberti.

On September 5, all LS families toured the campus and enjoyed classroom visits followed by a Back to School picnic. Held in the Fieldhouse due to inclement weather, the picnic allowed families a chance to connect with old friends and embrace new faces. Everyone brought their own meals, and the Parents Association handed out ice cream sandwiches for dessert!

“I was incredibly appreciative of how welcoming everyone was. I was impressed by how community members introduced themselves to me right away,” said new Ross parent Jennifer Morgan.

Classes started the next day, and on September 7, the Lower School held its first all-school assembly of the year in the MPR. Students in grades pre-nursery through 5 participated in an interactive skit about school rules. Faculty members pretended to be the new kids on the block and asked students about certain policies, such as if they were allowed to chew gum or wear flip-flops in school—“Noooooo!” the students replied in unison. The skit also touched on the importance of wearing uniforms, avoiding late arrivals, and following Ross School’s Core Values.