After School @Ross

At Ross Lower School, the fun doesn’t stop at the final bell! We offer a number of engaging after-school activities for students in Nursery–Grade 8. This fall’s enrichment offerings include art, innovative design, chess, and mixed martial arts.


Art with Natural Materials

Mondays 3–4pm; $270

This course explores the beauty that can be found in our environment. Work with the natural elements that surround us every day to create paintings, self-portraits, prints, and more. 


Inventors Workshop

Tuesdays 3–4pm; $270

Feeling creative? Use your own innovative designs to solve a variety of engineering and design problems in new and inventive ways. Learn basic engineering and design principles as you cooperate and compete with peers to build bridges, towers, and many other structures. 



Wednesdays 3–4pm; $270

Learn the game of open-ended strategy and communication while also having fun! New players learn how to move pieces across the board, while more advanced players dig deeper into the game to improve their skills. 


Mixed Martial Arts

Thursdays 3–4pm; $270

Join us for an incomparable Mixed Martial Arts program. This constantly evolving form of self-defense challenges you both mentally and physically. Come experience mixed martial arts in a fun way!